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The Lion's Gate Portal - Why is it so powerful?

The Lion's Gate Portal - Why is it so powerful?

Hi GF, 

In the spiritual world, the 8th of August is considered one of the most powerful and luckiest days of the year; The Lion's Gate Portal. In mythology it is tied to the rising of the fixed star Sirius, bringing expansive, abundant energies of Jupiter and the driven, decisive energy of Mars. Combined it's a recipe of luck, power and growth. The Lion's Gate Portal is a perfect time to manifest your dream life, it allows for opportunities to open new doors. 

There are a number of rituals you can do to celebrate The Lion's Gate Portal, including cleansing your space and your mind, journaling, meditation and more. For me personally I choose to follow this little ritual. 

1. I cleanse my space. I clean my room and get rid of anything unnecessary. This helps remove the stagnant energy and to start fresh. 

2. I burn incense or sage to also remove the negative/stagnant energy from my space. I open my windows and allow the energy to move on. Also burning incense/sage or using essential oils in a diffuser always makes your space smell amazing. 

3. I sit down and journal, this is the perfect time to manifest your dream life and future goals. It also helps you get clear on the goals you have for yourself. 

4. I put out my crystals that I use on a daily basis out in the moon light to recharge. You can also cleanse your crystals by saging them.

5. I wind down, get off my phone and listen to meditation. I practice deep breathing exercises whilst listening to the meditation. This also acts as the perfect time to visualise your next level self and your desires. 

6. Let go of all your expectation and leave it up to the universe to work its magic, what is meant for you will show in time. 

What will you being this Lion's Gate Portal?

Lots of Love, 

Tayla xx