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Spring Clean Reset

Spring Clean Reset

Hi GF's, 

It is officially spring here in Australia, which means it is a perfect time for a reset and clean. This can be not only in your home but also with your mind, body, soul and environment. So here are some of my spring cleaning reset ideas, I will personally be doing these.

1 - Cleanse your space. Now I know I say this every time but cleansing your space of clutter, junk and things that just don't sit right in your environment and in your life. Spring is the perfect time to do it, plus you always feel better with a clean environment. 

2 -  Clean out your wardrobe. This is something I am currently working through, spring is the perfect time to go through and clear out your clothes. What I am personally doing is putting items up on the marketplace that are basically brand new to try give them a new home. I am also really loving doing clothes rack sales at the markets. It is a great way to not only re-home your clothes but also get a little money back. 

3 - Go through your subscription services and apps. Unsubscribe to the ones you don't use often and declutter. This is also a great saving hack, sometimes you forget about home many subscriptions we are paying for. 

4 - This is the perfect time to do a routine reset. This is what I am personally trying to do, I am trying to bring back daily movement and exercise back into my routine as I haven't had it in my routine for over 8 months due to being unwell. So spring is the perfect time to remake your routines.

5 - Create a new vision board for the next 3-4 months of the year. This sets your intentions for the rest of the year and gives you goals for the rest of the year.

6 - Try something new and get out of your comfort zone. This is the perfect time to start trying those things that you have been putting off, for me its going back to women's circles/meditation classes as well as trying out dance classes. 

It is the perfect time to restart fresh and try make the most of the rest of the year. 

Lots of love, 

Tayla x