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The benefits of using positive affirmations

The benefits of using positive affirmations

Hi GF, 

We have spoken about the neurological benefits and science behind positive affirmations but what other benefits can you have from using positive affirmations daily in your self care routine.

1. They motivate you to act on your goals and desires.

2. Increase you focus and concentration on completing your goals or taking aligned actions towards your dream desires. 

3. Improves how you speak to yourself in a positive way.

4. Reduces negative thoughts and mindsets while increasing and encouraging positive ones.

5. Improves your self-confidence, self-esteem and encourages positive self-beliefs. 

6. Influences your subconscious to accessing new beliefs patterns. 

7. They act as prompts to connect with your inner-self. 

How beautiful. These small positive statements could literally help you step into your higher-self!

Lots of Love, 

Tayla xx