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My go to routine to help get out of negative energy

My go to routine to help get out of negative energy

Hi GF, 

Sometimes we just need to start fresh and cleanse our space and move that stagnant energy out of our space. For me this process helps me clear my mindset, feel refreshed and be able to look at things in a new light. 

1. This may seem self explanatory, but clean your space. Whether that's your room, house, car whatever it may be. Give the areas you spend the most time in and get creativity from a deep clean. Yes, I am talking changing your linen, vacuuming, dusting etc. Trust me, it's a process but its worth it. 

2. After deep cleaning I always, always, open up all the windows in the house and sage each room. Yes, this may sound woo woo and may not be your jam but I think just the action of doing this helps me move negative energy out. I hope that makes sense! 

3. I always put my essential oil diffuser on and burn some incense. Not only does it make your room/house smell amazing but it always makes me feel super calmed and chilled out and honestly who doesn't want that. 

4. I then tend to journal, releasing any negative energy on to the pages and essentially word dump anything that no longer serves me.

5. I tend to also pull an affirmation card after journalling, this is a really amazing step because you've gotten rid of the negative energies and now the positive affirmation you pull will help start your off with a positive mindset. 

6. If I still feel like I'm in a funk, I will move my body. I usually take myself on a long walk and put a podcast on or my favourite music.

So there is my go to routine to help get out of that negative energy funk. We all have them and we all have different ways of getting out of them but I really focus on mind, body and environment. All of these have a great impact on our energy and mood. I hope this helps!

Lots of Love, 

Tayla x