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The power of using affirmation cards

The power of using affirmation cards

Hi GFs, 

You may be thinking, how are affirmations so powerful? It's just some words on a card. When you look at it like that, yes absolutely it is. However, for me affirmation cards are a useful and powerful tool. They empower you to believe in your strengths, yourself, and bring a refreshing mindset. 

The biggest key when it comes to affirmations is very simple, but one of the hardest things for our brain to comprehend. You have to believe in the words, believe that you are capable. For example, an affirmation may say "I am continually evolving into a stronger version of myself". This is a very powerful affirmation but if you don't believe in it and you keep reciting it to yourself it is likely you want feel anything or nothing will change. 

Something I like to do when I feel as though I don't believe in an affirmation, is journal. I sit down and write about why I feel as though why I can't evolve into a stronger version of myself. What is blocking me? Why do I feel this way. This is a great way to get clear with yourself and then you can start implicating ideas on how to conquer this. How to make you feel as though you are strong and very capable of evolving into a stronger version of yourself. Another thing people do to help them get clear is meditate. I will be honest, meditation isn't easy for me like some people. I struggle to visualise my next self and what is blocking myself. 

However, once you are clear on your blocks this is when you can start reciting the affirmation. Everyone has a different way of using affirmations. For me personally, I like to pull a card and sit in front of the mirror, look myself in the eyes (yes, this is extremely uncomfortable at times) and recite the affirmation until I start to feel moved, emotional or believe in the words I am saying to myself. It is a really wholesome and eye opening experience, being with yourself and talking to yourself in such a loving way. We often speak to ourself in such a negative light that we forget to speak to ourselves in a loving way. 

It truely is powerful. Don't underestimate affirmations. 

Lots of Love, 

Tayla x