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10 lovely things to include more in your life

10 lovely things to include more in your life

Hi GFs, 

I came across this post on Instagram recently and I honestly adored the idea. It was about including more things into your life that bring joy, happiness and basically romanticise your life. I think no more than ever we are focused on caring for ourselves and filling up our cups. 

So here are just some of the ideas from the post that I thought were beautiful. 

1- Falling asleep in fresh linen 

2- Turning off your phone and being present  

3 - Buying yourself flowers 

4 - Walking in nature

5 - Dancing to music you love

6 - Hugging your friends

7 - Learning something new that interests you 

8 - Matching pens and note books

9 - Reading before bed

10 - Walking/dancing in the rain

I honestly think these are beautiful. They are things that we don't always do because life gets busy. But I think life gets busy of doing the things that don't light us up. We get consumed with doing what "society" tells us we need to do, the hustle and bustle of work and following social media trends. When we could just strip things back and fall in love with the little things again. 

Lots of Love, 

Tayla x