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How to use the Universal Love Affirmation Cards

How to use the Universal Love Affirmation Cards

Hello Girlfriends, 

Now, you maybe asking, how on earth do I use my affirmation cards? I am here to tell you, everyone has their own unique way of using them. So, I will give you a little insight on how I use my affirmation cards. 

Firstly, I will sit in front of the mirror in a meditative position, I close my eyes and take three deep breaths in. This calms my forever racing mind and helps me get into a meditative state. 

I then start to shuffle the affirmation card deck. Now you can choose cards in various ways; 

1) You can shuffle the cards until one card jumps out of the deck at you. Yes, I said jump out of the deck. 

2) You can shuffle the deck and then place them facing down on the floor and choose the top card. 

3) You can shuffle the deck, the lie each card out on the floor spread out in a line. Then you can take your hand and run it over all the cards. Whatever card you're drawn to is your card for the day. 

After you choose your card, I will sit directly in front of the mirror, look myself in the eyes and repeat the affirmation out loud five times or whenever it sinks in for you. Now I know looking yourself dead in the eyes is unbelievably uncomfortable, but this is the point it makes the affirmation sink in. 

You can take a photo of your card for the day and keep it as a reminder on your phone and recite it throughout the day. You can also place your card in our Universal Love Card Holder and keep it as a reminder on your work desk or office space. 

Affirmations take a while to get comfortable using but starting your day with a positive affirmation can change your mindset for the whole day. Why not start the day in a beautiful way.

Lots of Love, 

Tayla xx