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Get to know the owner of Universal Love Co - Tayla!

Get to know the owner of Universal Love Co - Tayla!

Hi GF's, 

I thought I would do a little blog post so you can all get to know me better. I feel like I always connect with small businesses and public figures more when I know a bit more about them. So I thought why not share ten random facts about myself. 

1- I have my own guardian angel with me where ever I go. Her name is Maddison, my little sister. She sits just behind my shoulder, always looking out for me. 

2- I was always the kid that looked after everyone else. Little mother hen. So my career choices 100% highlight that. I am a massive empath, but honestly what nurse isn't. 

3- I never wanted to be a nurse ever. I thought it was gross. But here I am working as a RN and I love it. I think it gets down to how much I love helping others.

4- I decided to start Universal Love Co cause I wanted to help people mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Affirmations changed my world for the better, completely flipped my mindset and feelings of self. So I thought, if I could help myself, why not help others do the same. 

5- I am a super nerd at heart. I love everything to do with science, space, astrology and the human body. It is so fascinating, I could talk about it for hours. 

6- I am a huge family girl, my family mean more than anything else to me. My grandparents are like my best friends, I have been close to them ever since I was little. 

7- As a child I always wanted to work with animals in one way, shape or form. This changed over the years from wanting to be a vet, to wanting to work at Seaworld as a dolphin trainer, too wanting to work in a zoo, to eventually wanting to be a Marine Biologist. I always felt like I could connect to animals more than I could to humans. 

8- I may be the only girl I know that loves Star Wars ... 

9- About two years ago I went through the beginning of finding myself, after some relationship issues. I stumbled head first into crystals, affirmation and oracle cards, journalling and universal signs. I can honestly say I have grown physically, emotionally and mentally since then. 

10- One of the places on top of my bucket list is to visit the Galapagos Islands, a little cluster of islands off the South American coast. Why you ask? One of my favourite scientists, Charles Darwin, did all his scientific research there. Also the animal species are so amazing there, I told you I am a nerd. 

So there you have it. Ten random facts about myself. I hope you found it interesting or had a laugh. 

Lots of love, 

Tayla xx